This photo was snapped at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Spring. The smell of lilac intoxicates the senses, propels us in time and space through our mind to where?  Never mind 74 degree weather in New York on Christmas Eve. Here and now is where we are!

How do we rest in our own true nature and deal with the vicissitudes of daily life falling short of expectations? Ah, there’s the rub.  The space in between is where we cultivate our living, our living here and now.  What exactly does that mean if not the ability to unknot each moment of paradox.

Heart-Mind-Body works together aligned, in truth, if we allow all channels to be open. Listen with the whole body to the subtle unspoken messages that arise when the mind is quiet enough to settle down its chatter.  Yes, meditation helps with this, some practice on the cushion creates enhanced ability off the cushion.  Space in the body; yes, exercise helps with this. Some aerobics, yoga, or practice of simple stretching.  Space in the heart; how do you tap your innate and great source of kindness, empathy, compassion and joy? Share an experience, turn to art!  Space in the mind; we need to take a break from busy; join nature. All this allows relaxation; Detendu.  

All you need is a full stop. Connect with your breath. Feel yourself alive in your skin. Yes, right now.  Whether you like that experience, or not, are familiar with the ability, notion, or practice of taking a pause, begin.  Feel the air as you breathe, the movement associated with breathing, the air on your skin, see the shapes and forms, listen deeply all the way through the sounds arising, listen from the silence where they arise from.

The only relationship that matters, truly, is the one you have with yourself. The in between is where to unknot, detendu, pause, reflect, live here and now, in the paradox of the moment. That space opens as a creative response, with a question, an answer, insight or decision. Find out.

Smell the lilacs in winter.